Kulest F'n helmets made.

I got a new lid this year. It is custom made in Brazil from Joe King Speed Shop. They make them to order with custom paint. They are the lowest profile 'Ol skool helmets on the market. Lower profile than any other brand out there! Lower profile means less wind drag.

No kidding, this is the ONLY helmet I've ever owned that I truly love. I like it so much that I'd rather wear it than not wear a helmet at all, and Minnesota is not a helmet law state.
It just feels good and looks freaking awesome.
85+ M.P.H, and still little to no wind drag with this helmet and no windshield.
It is not DOT, but still way better than no helmet, if you are looking for safety.
Also, it looks F'n cool. No mushroom head.

I had a 3/4 Fulmer V2 helmet prior to this one and I thought that was pretty good, but still had some significant wind drag, which wore me out if riding all day on the freeways. Also, in comparison to this helmet, I did actually look like I had a mushroom head.

This is much lower profile than the Fulmer V2.
If you go to the website , you can see the difference in size of the Joe King helmets, Vs. the other brands out there.

Here is a few pictures with me wearing my new Lid, so you can see for yourself that the helmet is realyy low profile and is really F'n cool looking.

Thanks Paulo! I Love my new lid!

P.S. Check out the website to look an a gazillion other custom helmets he has done for clients.

You too can have a custom helmet made for yourself. I swear you won't regret it! 
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