Confederate Motorcycles Rebirth

Confederate Motorcycles Renovatio Project

One year after Katrina devastated New Orleans and the Confederate Motorcycle Company, Confederate has re-emerged with a new website to display their newly reborn company and their lineup of unique machines, the Hellcat F131, the Wraith B120 and the brand new Renovatio Project.

If there was any doubt Confederate was alive and moving forward with innovative design, the Renovatio should put those doubts to rest. Based around a 90 degree 101 cubic inch water cooled V-Twin, either 150hp normally aspirated or 190hp with optional supercharger, the Renovatio Project is constructed of carbon fiber and aluminum and points the way to a future design as striking as the Wraith was just a few short years ago.

My personal favorite, the Hellcat, though still in production will not remain so indefinitely, in fact, only 48 more will be produced for sale before the run ends forever in October 2007, after which Confederate will be fully transitioned to their new platforms. But the Wraith, too, will not be produced forever, Confederate is not a mass maker of motorcycles but a company producing machines of the highest quality and innovative engineering. Beautiful bikes, V-Twin power, welcome back!

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