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2012 izh hybrid motorcycle concep

Dubbed 2012 Izh-1, this hybrid Motorcycle incorporates smooth and aerodynamic design. The motorcycle has got the lightweight construction with innovative and lighter components used to reduce its weight half to conventional bikes, making it perfect for the rides in future congested streets.

The brain child of Igor Chak, the motorcycle is inspired from the 1929 Soviet Izh–1, however the bike has a few designing cues from the Russian bike. The concept features a 505 V-twin engine, 50% of which is made of reinforced and heat resistant plastic. The engine is capable to produce 140hp.

Additionally, there is a fuel-regulating system for better fuel economy along with unique dual airbag for vital safety that keeps the bike straight and stable in case of front end collision. Also, there is a proximity regulating radar system that in collaboration with front in-built camera slows down bike in case a car stops in front of the bike.

Further, the onboard computer system also shows the warnings and maintenance required through a 3D LCD screen. The other features include a real time GPS navigation ability, an augmented reality technology adding more to your riding experience. Apart from these, Izh-1 is compatible to major OSs like iPhone, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian, Android, etc on the bike’s main display.

There will be three working modes in the bike: sport, comfort and manual. The classic engine of the bike can be mated to six speed manual or automatic transmission and electronics in the bike control throttle system, clutch and brakes.

The Izh-1 has a brush less 60kw electric motor with a small 2 speed gearbox built in the rear rim. The electric motor is powered by a Lithium Sulfide Battery located at the rear of the engine. In the hybrid mode, the bike gives the fuel economy around 80mpg.

Cheers, Igor Chak!

2012 izh hybrid motorcycle concep1

2012 izh hybrid motorcycle concep2

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2012 izh hybrid motorcycle concep6

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2012 izh hybrid motorcycle concep11
1929 Soviet Izh and Igor Chak’s 2012 Izh-1.
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