tornado yellow

The Tornado, Benelli's signature sports bike. I have only the rear end pic of this motorcycle unfortunately. The front end pic file got corrupt. Fortunately what remained is something very unique to the Tornado. See those exhaust fans?! Well the radiator on this motorcycle is beneath the seat (i'm guessing below the rider). So air is tunneled through the front end of the motorcycle onto the radiator for heat transfer, suction assisted with the exhaust fans. It should be a relatively easy job for the fans with the bike moving forwards and air being pulled in the direction its already flowing.

One thing that really hurt though when I saw the Benelli's in particular. People had SCRATCHED the shiny plastic. Especially the rear seat cowl while slinging their leg over the rear. We're talking about a 34000 USD motorcycle. I mean come on, have some respect will ya?! See the effects in the pic below.
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