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New colours and even more exclusive components for the TNT Sport, inspired by the super bike motorcycles for the most enthusiastic sports riders.

For stability and manageability in every road condition and for more precise steering, the Benelli technicians have worked long and hard on the suspension setting: up front, the Marzocchi fork with reversed, 50 mm rods, adjustable in spring compression, extension and preload.

The settings provide a more progressive action of the shock absorber to guarantee safer, more stable riding when changing directions, both on the road and on the track.

The winning point of the new TNT Sport is the perfect balance during braking: on this version the powerful Brembo system mounts the double floating disk, 320 mm, at the front with 4 piston radial calliper to always provide an optimal response during braking.

Another innovation, unique in the universal motorcycling panorama, which we find on all of the TNT 2005 year models is the possibility of modifying motor functions by simply pressing a lighted button on the dash support.

The engine control unit can be switched between free power and controlled power for better control of the motorcycle in poor traction conditions. This also guarantees a decrease in fuel consumption of 10-20% depending on driving style and on the road.

The free power configuration makes it possible to fully enjoy the torque features and engine power, while the controlled power configuration makes it possible to enjoy using the bike easily in the city, in two, even on asphalt with poor traction without stress.

The TNT Sport offers the perfect combination of manoeuvrability and brilliant engine performance with carefully designed details and prestige components to satisfy even the most demanding biker.

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