Supra X 125 Drag Style Modify

Supra X 125 Drag Style ModifySupra X 125 Drag Style Modify

Supra X 125 Drag Style Modify Detailed specifications:

Custom Body: Custom Duck Tail: Custom Rear Body: Body Paint: Custom Paint Interior: Custom Cutting Sticker & Stripping Varing: Seat: Rear Hugger: Bore Up: Porting Polished: CVT: Muffler: AHRS Factory 4 Air Filter: Coil: Kitaco Plugs: NGK Platinum Cable Plugs: Kitaco Camshaft: Kawahara Carburator: Carburator Filter: Spuyer: CDI: BRT I-Max Piston: Sonic Roller: CVT Cover: Cover Belt: Front Wheel: Comet 1.20x17 Rear Wheel: TDR 1.40x17 Front Tromol: Rear Tromol: Front Tire: 50/90-17 FDR Drax Rear Tire: 60/90-17 grip eagle Comet Front Shockbreaker: Rear Shockbreaker: Yoko Rear Per: Brake Master: Disc Plate: Front SpackBoard: Rear SpackBoard: Brake Handle: Yoshimura Front Lamp: Rear Lamp: Lamp: Hand Grip: Fuel Indicator: Rear Bracket: Deck: Steer: Mirror: Front Carrier: Rear Carrier: Speedometer: Rubber Set: Horn: Mudflap: Flyscreen: Mudguard Chest (18-carat gold layer): Tachometer: koso Front Sein: Rear Sein: Side Sein:
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