What first impression when I saw this Yamaha Nouvo? Surely the eye would be affected by glare effect caused. Yup, from the handlebars to the wheels under all light completely contrived! The owner, M. Nur Erianto want skubeknya looks so much younger. More nodes, so the principle. It is to get the look like this too many changes that baseball needs to be done.

Only the game a number of variations, then what was desired was obtained. For example with grip plus a layer of chrome vernekel gas in the lamp switch, then the upper side already mengilap.3730nouvo-chrome-moon-2.jpg

Meanwhile in the stern, the stirrup is also done the same thing. For all this progress, Erik familiar call, handed on from Bad Boy Custom Udin based on Jl. Anom Puncang V, No. 21, Surabaya, East Java.

"I dipped chrome and use monel make it look more fresh," said the skipper boss this workshop. This is indeed the right thing to do tricks. In addition to the main course of this chromium layer production process can also be faster.

Because baseball would look just playing simple only, then at the legs of Udin perform significantly reworked. Especially for the rear suspension.

Now the shock absorbers were installed side by side and located in the middle of the body. Exactly on the engine. "I continue to use two pretentious like Nouvo, but its position was moved," said the man was friendly.

3731nouvo-chrome-moon-3.jpgTentu just for that it need a new holder. This time it was used 2 mm thick iron plates. According to the concept of a shiny before, for this bracket are also chrome plated.

nouvo modif kromNot only that. In addition to already taampak shines, conditions in the rear wheel also looks very crowded. In fact, if I may say they have encountered a scene. Especially on the right side wheels. That's because the installation disc brake width along the bracket that has been stuffed with double-piston model.

To place a pig's head was of course also need to be made bracket. Namely, using 15 mm thick metal layer is also taxable vernekel.

Kinclong indeed!


Tyres: 80/80-17 Comet
Front rim: Spin chrome
Rear rim: Spin chrome
Airs next: Yoshimura
Modifier: (031) 5026402

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