Cheetah V8 Chopper SS Motorcycle Trike Bike

Cheetah V8 Trikes

Cheetah V8 Chopper SS Motorcycle Trike Bike

Cheetah Trikes are manufactured in Charlestown, Indiana by Tom and Chilita Walters. Safety is one of the reasons they chose the three-wheel design for the “Cheetah Chopper”. The “Cheetah Chopper” is very sporty and stylish, with a commanding look and smooth, effortless power. They only use materials such as marine-grade aluminum and 304 stainless steel to assure sturdiness, durability, and reliability. Cheetah Trikes draws on 35 years of trike building, with safety and stability of ride a primary goal. The brand name is “Cheetah” because it is a sleek and nimble bike.

Cheetah Trikes are available standard with a V8 full automatic and a real reverse. Cheetah’s radiator is located in the rear and expels heat behind the trike. Radiators are located in the front of most motorcycles and trikes, and they expel very hot air back onto the riders. This can be uncomfortable and is often considered a bonus for Cheetah riders.

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