When you can’t ride your motorcycle, because it’s winter and your bike is safely tugged away in the garage, you can at least scrounge around the Internet for good motorcycle photos, right? That’s what I did last night, and here’s what I found; High dynamic range (HDR) motorcycle photos. If you don’t know what the heck HDR photos are, here’s a description from an article by Jon Meyer

“Today’s digital cameras match or slightly exceed the performance of silver halide film. Computer graphics has achieved the goal of photorealism. Now the goal is to go beyond simply matching paper and silver halide – to create display technologies which can present any visual stimuli our eyes are capable of seeing.

One area of rapid development is in dynamic range. A new crop of technologies using High Dynamic Range imaging (HDR or HDRI) aim to extend the dynamic range of digital imaging technologies way beyond traditional media.”

I haven’t tried my luck with HDR motorcycle photography yet, but here’s a few examples from people who have. If you’re keen to see more, or learn how to do it, I’ve included links to some guides and galleries below the photos.

HDR Suzuki GSXR photo

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