BlueShift Motorcycles to Make Electric Cruiser

BlueShift Motorcycles to Make Electric Cruiser bluepress 560x412

Michigan based BlueShift Motorcycles is entering into the electric motorcycle business, but instead of the track bred entries we saw for the TTXGP, BlueShift is focusing on the cruiser end of the market. BlueShift describes the bike as a heavyweight and street fighter. At over 600lbs, we’ll agree with the heavyweight part of that statement.

All that mass doesn’t come for nothing though. BlueShift is claiming 200 lb•ft of torque, and a 0 to 60 time of 3 seconds. Beyond the brawn, BlueShift if claiming some brain too. The cruiser has a special design that will allow for easy rider (A-OH!) customization, and also includes what BlueShift calls “special communications systems and location awareness” features.

All of these details sound very vague to us, and so far only a few CAD renders of the bike exist, yet BlueShift will let you pre-order a bike for $1,000. If you like buying things before they’ve ever been made, neon lights, and electricity, you can go to their website and lay

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